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    Penis picture uncircumcised to show healthy penis and care for it.

    When you look at this penis picture uncircumcised, youíll see that uncircumcised penis is when foreskin is not removed. In some countries religion demands total male population circumcision. After the birth of a boy he is circumcised on eighth day of his life. In European countries is not considered as necessary medical procedure.

    On this penis picture uncircumcised you can see completely healthy penis. The care of uncircumcised penis is an ordinary hygiene rules. The things to be remembered are not to retract foreskin before it is ready to be retracted. Circumcision is made with local anaesthesia which is injected at the base of the penis.

    Penis foreskin is clamped by metal device. A penis heals 5-7 days. The benefits of circumcision are under debate. Itís the choice of male parents who must make choice bases on unbiased information after considering all pros and cons. The penis picture uncircumcised right and penis picture uncircumcised left show healthy penis and care for them.

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